Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas do you cover?
A: We cover all areas within a 20 mile radius of Hexham. Map of area

Q: What are your working hours?
A: You can give us a call any day of the week between 7.00 & 18.00. We work any day of the week with the exception of Christmas Day.

Q: How do you select and vet your cleaners?
A: Before we chose our cleaners we require:

  • Identity card, passport or driving licence
  • Proof of address/ bill or statement
  • Check of cleaning tasks/skills
  • Minimum 2 references from previous employers or clients
  • National Insurance Number

All candidates who pass the initial selection criteria are given extensive training by the Operations Manager. We make sure that new members of our team understand the quality standards expected and how to maintain them at all times.

Q: Can you give me a quotation without seeing the property?
A: No, because properties vary greatly in size and condition, we cannot give a price until we have seen the property. The good news is all our cleaning surveys and estimates are free of charge.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay for the cleaning service using BACS, Standing Order or Cash. Cheques will only be accepted one week in advance of a service and should be made out to Slick Cleaning Ltd. Payment can be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Q:Do you carry out cleaning tasks before, after or during office hours?
A:We understand that office appearance is vital for a company’s image and reputation. We also believe that a clean and tidy workplace is a happier and more productive space. For this reason we provide a flexible service that complies with your needs.

Q: Can I give the cleaners keys for the office?
A:All keys are kept safely and separate to addresses, contact numbers, alarm codes or any other personal information; therefore we believe that it is completely safe to provide us with a set of keys.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book?
A: To guarantee the time and day that suits you best we suggest booking as soon as possible, however 2-3 weeks is normal. As well as working weekends we try our best to be as flexible as possible and can often carry out work at very short notice.

Q: How many cleaners can I expect and how long will it take?
A: This question will be answered following an assessment, which is free of charge.

Q:Can you clean my entire property in one day?
A: In most cases we can. We do this by increasing the number of cleaners. We appreciate that in some cases this might not be practical so we can allow extra days as necessary

Q: Can you clean just part of my property?
A: Yes, we can clean as little or as much as you like, however please note that our minimum booking is two hours.

Q: Are you and your cleaners insured?
A: Yes. We have a full Employers and Public Liability cover

Q: Is there a minimum booking fee?
A: All our cleaning services require a minimum booking of two hours, except Spring Cleaning, and End of Tenancy Cleaning, which require a minimum booking of five hours.

Q: Do your services include professional outside window cleaning?
A: No. &We are not insured to carry out professional outside window cleaning. However, we can clean your windows internally

Q: Can you provide references?
A: Yes, we can provide references from our current customers

Q:Can cleaning tasks be completed when no one is at the property?
A: Yes. You can leave a set of keys with the Operations Manager. Our vetting practices, and the fact we are fully insured, means you can feel confident that your keys are held securely and responsibly

Q: Are your cleaners employed by Slick Cleaning Ltd?
A: Yes, all our cleaners are employed directly by Slick Cleaning Ltd. &There is no agency or other hidden fees to pay.

Q: Can I have the same cleaner every time?
A: Yes, if you are happy with your cleaner, we will try and make sure you get the same cleaner every time.

Q: What happens during holiday periods, do you provide a replacement?
A: Yes, we guarantee you a replacement to continue the cleaning service.

Q: Are there any extra charges I have to pay - transport expenses, holiday money etc?
A: No, there are no extra charges.

Q: Do I still have to pay if the building is closed for any reason?
A: No. You don't pay anything. You only pay when you use our service, however we do require at least 48 hours notice of a potential closure and the date you would like us to start cleaning again.

Q: Do you guarantee your service?
A: Yes. Let us know within 24 hours of the cleaning task being completed and we promise that if you are not satisfied with the results, we will return as soon as possible and re-clean completely free of charge.